Chevrolet announced today, at the Los Angeles auto show, its decision to build a minicar based on the Beat concept first shown at the 2007 New York auto show. The vehicle is expected to get 50mpg or more and will be built in South Korea, but will not be sold in the U.S initially.

An online poll that drew over 1.8 million participants chose which of three concepts - the Beat, the Groove or the Trax - would be produced. All three debuted together at New York this year. The beat won with 875,000 votes, followed closely by the Groove with 713,000. The Trax was not well received by comparison.

The car is not designed to be sold in the U.S. initially, although Chevrolet is considering it for eventual U.S. sales - if the market approves. The minicar will be focused first on countries already enamored of small cars. Chevrolet also has an eye on how the Smart will perform in America, and says that will influence its decision on whether to bring the Beat-based car to the U.S. as well.