Threats from a strong euro and a U.S. market downturn have most of the car company execs a little worried but not the people working at Lamborghini. In fact, CEO Stephan Winkelmann sees no threat from these market factors whatsoever. With sales on track to reach record levels this year and production nearly at full capacity, Lamborghini does have very little to fear.

Sales this year are expected to reach 2,400 units, up 15% from last year, and there seems to be no sign of things slowing anytime soon. Speaking with Automotive News, Winkelmann said he has seen no sign that the slump in the U.S. housing market is affecting sales. The stronger euro, meanwhile, has been affecting profit levels on cars sold outside of Europe but sales are still going strong and there are no plans to change prices yet.

Even if a recession were to hit tomorrow, Lamborghini would be immune due to its 12-month backlog of orders.

Future growth for Lamborghini will not be brought about by the introduction of more models. Instead, it will look for revenue growth in areas outside such as licensing and hosting driving schools and track days. "As a manufacturer, you have to add value, but the first rule for us is not to dilute the value of the brand," Winkelmann explained.