The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione - what a breath of fresh air, an example of what Alfa could do if it wanted to. Wait - why doesn’t it want to? Why limit the production of the 8C and build as many wallowy, underpowered (albeit quite sexy) Breras as possible? Well, the man responsible for those decisions has quit his job, so it seems we’ll never know why.

Eight years in the car business is enough for 42-year-old Antonia Baravalle. Alfa Romeo’s corporate parent, Fiat, refused to comment on Baravalle’s departure, but solid sources have confirmed Alfa’s CEO will be stepping down at his own request. The company is already in a difficult spot, as many believe it to be Fiat’s biggest loser, according to Automotive News Europe. Fiat is reportedly looking to replace Baravalle from within. Here’s hoping they get someone with a little more dedication to, and enthusiasm for the car industry.