Honda has recently confirmed speculation that its next-gen Acura NSX will arrive over a year later than the expected 2008-2009 timeframe earlier suggested by CEO Takeo Fukui. The news comes after president of Honda America Tetsuo Iwamura let slip that the car will arrive in 2010 and said “we are developing it without any delay.”

A report from Ward’s Auto suggests that the U.S. could be the first market to receive the sports car ahead of its home market Japan. “In case of the introduction order, at this moment I can’t tell, but the U.S., you know, has a majority of the (Acura) customers – that (is something) you have to think about,” Iwamura was quoted as saying.

So far little is known about the NSX, with a credible concept yet to be released. Honda did unveil the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept (pictured) in Detroit earlier this year and a production version was expected for Tokyo, but this was not to be as the concept was called for a redesign. What is known is that it will feature an all new V10 and is expected to be more of a luxury GT than the high-tech supercar the previous model was.