Elegance, discreet sportiness and understatement have always been characteristics of British cars. However German tuning house Arden hasn’t quite taken these into consideration while tuning Land Rover’s Range Rover LM. Not only does this SUV look aggressive and intimidating, it also gets the power to match.

The Arden Range Rover AR7 puts out no less than 480hp from the supercharged V8 it houses thanks to the increase in capacity to 4.5L. Together with 680Nm of torque the British powerhouse completes the 0-100km/h sprint in 6.5 seconds. Helping the engine breathe better is a new stainless steel sport exhaust system specially made for the AR7 allowing the unique sound of the V8 to resonate through the streets.

As far as looks go, Arden did not hold back and chose to fit the Range Rover with a wider front apron, LED daytime running lights, side skirts and a new rear apron. And as if the car wasn’t wide enough already, Arden has installed wheel arch extensions to hover above the 22 or 23-inch “Sportline” wheels.

Upgraded brakes and custom interior are also featured.