With Audi’s RS6 pumping out 580hp thanks to its force-fed V10 engine, BMW is tipped to be testing a prototype of its M5 saloon with a pair of blowers attached, possibly for a midlife upgrade, to match its rival. Several tuning companies, however, have already proven that a supercharged M engine can do wonders, and one such company is G-Power.

The German tuner has a twin-supercharged version of the M5 with around 730hp on tap with just 0.5bar of boost pressure. That’s close to a 50% increase on the standard M5’s 507hp output, and the standard car is by no means slow.

At the recent Nardo high speed test, the Hurricane M5 reached a top speed of 322km/h but had to give up because of an electronic problem. According to developers, it can easily reach speeds of above 350km/h.

The engineers are already at work to build a version that can run 1.0bar of boost for an output above 800hp. G-Power is expected to reveal full details about the latest tuning pack at the end of the month.