Sporting the famous Gulf Oil livery worn by the GT40 that dominated Le Mans in the late 1960s, Auto Futura’s CAV GT is not a modern Ford GT dressed to look like the original, it’s a vintage remake of the actual GT40, using largely the same technology and equipment. The 2008 CAV GT comes just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Gulf Oil team’s first Le Mans victory in 1968. More pictures and full details after the jump.

The CAV GT is not just a vintage replica, it’s a real-world supercar. Weighing in at just 2,350lbs - barely 300lbs heavier than a Lotus Exige and fully 200lbs lighter than a Mazda MX-5 - the CAV GT puts down 500hp at the crank, thanks to it’s mid-mounted 5.6L V8. Acceleration is almost certainly traction-limited, since all the power is sent to the rear wheels, but from a stop, 60mph comes in 4.5s and and 100mph just five seconds later at 9.5s.

Vintage design meets modern engineering in the GT’s chassis, as its monocoque nature keeps to the spirit of the original but manages superior strength and stiffness thanks to TIG welding and CNC-cut stainless steel members. All CAV GT chassis are designed to accommodate a bolt-in roll cage for racing purposes.

The front suspension likewise marries old and new technology. TIG welding and modern alloys meet A-frame wishbones and adjustable anti-rollbars to allow for full adjustability and high performance with the feel of the original car.

Brakes are all-new Wilwood calipers, with six pistons up front and four out back. Rotors are 300mm all around, the full package providing ample stopping power and fade resistance for road and track use alike.

Inside, the CAV GT is anything but a race car, although it can be outfitted as one if you wish. As it’s delivered, it features a complete leather interior, from the padded dashboard to the seats, steering wheel, doors, center console and roof lining. A fully adjustable racing-style pedal box and ample headroom - thanks to the Gurney hump - mean the GT can accommodate drivers up to 6′4″ with full comfort and driveability.