European websites overnight leaked the latest concept by Swedish company Saab. Dubbed the 9-4x, this new crossover is expected to be close to a production model being released by the company in 2009. Saab has been one of the pioneers of ethanol fuel so it’s only fitting that this concept is fitted with a 2.0L ‘BioPower’ branded engine that develops an impressive 300hp and 400Nm when used with E85 fuel.

Power is transmitted through all four wheels with the help of a 6-speed gearbox and a Haldex AWD system equipped with their new electronic limited slip differential. Using standard fuel in the 9-4x drops performance figures to 245hp and 353Nm, which is still high for a 2.0L engine. The crossover will hit 100km/h in just 8s and goes all the way to a 235km/h top speed. Saab is also emphasizing the low C02 output of the 9-4x of just 252g/km using normal fuel and significantly less with E85. Fuel consumption is expected to be approximately 10.5l/100km.

The production version of the Cadillac Provoq concept unveiled today will also share the same platform with the 9-4x and both are expected to be built in the same plant in Mexico. Saab is moving production of this model overseas because of the low US dollar exchange rates and also because the US is expected to be a large market for the new crossovers. At the moment the only photos leaked are low-resolution but we’ll update the story as soon as bigger pictures are available.