Rounding out Chrysler's threesome of conceptual goodness is the Jeep division's Renegade. Some say it looks like something out of a video game, some think its cute and others think it's just ugly - but whatever you think of its looks, the Renegade's stat sheet is pretty impressive for a hybrid.

A Bluetec diesel-hybrid powertrain gives the Renegade a 400mi range and 110mpg efficiency - very impressive numbers, even for a minicar whose sole aim is aerodynamic and fuel economy. But the Jeep is hardly aerodynamic, and its big, knobby tires, high ground clearance and short overhangs give it a look of serious offroad purpose.

The 200kW (268hp) motor shared across Chrysler's range of NAIAS concepts could meet its ultimate expression in the Renegade, depending on how its geared, as the always-available torque of an electric motor is particularly well suited to slow-speed rock crawling, but not if it results in rapid acceleration. Here's hoping a low-range function is included in the gearbox if the Renegade ever make it to production.

Aesthetically, the Jeep is all about fun and sun - it has no top at all, and doesn't look like it could easily be fitted with one, soft or otherwise. The doors have large holes in them that would defy anyone who managed to put a top on anyway. But aside from the concept-only specifics, the Renegade retains a look that is essential Jeep while moving the round headlights and broad-slit vertical grille well into the 21st century.


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