We’ve already seen this prototype undergoing hot weather testing in California’s Death Valley. This time around the car’s performance in subzero temps is being investigated and a bunch of new photos of the test-mule have been captured. The prototype seen here is wearing mock Dodge Viper panels but we can confirm the car’s wheelbase is longer than that of the Dodge and will be closer to the Mercedes-McLaren SLR in final production form.

The new car is being called the SLC but Mercedes is yet to confirm its development. Mercedes’ racing partner HWA, meanwhile, has confirmed that it is developing the new sports car, claiming it will be on sale by 2010. The new car will feature a lightweight welded-aluminum spaceframe and will be powered by AMG’s hand-built 6.3L V8 engine. Power should be around the 600hp (450kW) mark.

The final design of the car is still under wraps but it’s thought it could either feature a retro look based on the 300SLR of the 1950s or a more modern design similar to the SLR supercar. The engine will be located up front but for improved weight distribution engineers will likely install the gearbox in the rear. Head over to our friends at Sweden’s Auto Motor and Sport to see the images in full.


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