Porsche already sells its own Turbo model, which comes complete with a generous 480hp twin-turbo flat six engine straight from the factory, but Germany’s TTP decided to design a new turbo package for the base Carrera that could put the stock Porsche to shame. The Bavarian-based tuner offers three stages of tune for the 911, ranging from 420hp and topping out at 650hp.

First stage offers enthusiasts a peak output of 420hp and 570Nm of torque. To achieve this level, engineers installed a pair of K16 turbochargers, a new air intake and sports filter, a new intercooler and a modified ECU. The second stage incorporates most of these pieces buts also gets a larger pair of K24 turbos, turboheaders, a lowered compression ratio and a reinforced clutch. The end result is a healthy 450hp and 600Nm of torque.

The final stage offers an amazing 650hp and 920Nm of torque. This level of tune sees the car get high-flow turbochargers, larger intercoolers, a sports exhaust system, performance cam shafts and a new ECU. For those seeking even more performance, however, engineers are currently working on a new 720hp kit designed for the 997 Turbo.