Most in-car PCs are generally too complicated for the average person to master and have for long been regarded as a gadget for tech-heads to boast about. Usually designed to run Linux or Windows, in-car computers, or ‘carputers’ for short, can be used as a replacement for a car’s stereo, GPS, DVD player, rear-view camera display, game console, communications center and even a wireless internet connection. However, until recently, getting it all to work properly has been a monumental task.

The new NaviSurfer II unit is the first dashboard mounted single-DIN carputer and it makes in-car computer much easier. It features a fold out 7in touchscreen LCD, is compatible with either Windows or Linux, and is capable of running all those functions listed above.

It's easy to install and can be set-up by anyone who knows how to use a computer. You simply need to install it into single-DIN slot in your dashboard, connect the power cable to the car battery and sound cable to the car speakers and it’s ready to go. There are several models available with different processor speeds and hard drive sizes, and prices range from $578 to $656.

Via: Jalopnik