Chrysler’s lineup is in store for a massive upheaval with possibly half of all its models getting the axe. Under its new ‘Project Genesis’ turnaround plan, Chrysler wants to streamline the entire business from top to bottom, combining dealerships, dropping duplicate models and reducing bureaucratic hurdles. Officials haven’t revealed what models will be dropped but dealers are expected to find out more details at this weekend’s National Automotive Dealers Association's in San Francisco where Chrysler President Jim Press will be speaking.

Last year Chrysler’s new CEO Bob Nardelli announced plans to drop the first four models, the PT Cruiser Convertible, Chrysler Crossfire and Pacifica and the Dodge Magnum. He then followed this up with comments that Chrysler could sell as many as 200,000 fewer vehicles per year by reducing its fleet sales. Press, meanwhile, told reporters from The Detroit News that Chrysler would use most of its $3 billion annual capital budget improve existing products and fill holes in the lineup where they exist. Most of the vehicles that will be dropped are models sold under Chrysler’s different brands that compete in the same segment. “Do we need 11 SUVs? Maybe we just need three or four,” Press commented.

Automotive analysts from CSM Worldwide agree. They expect Chrysler’s annual production to drop more than 4% over the next couple of years, whereas the average growth for all other carmakers is tipped to rise by the same amount.