India’s Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is currently in talks with officials from Chrysler over a possible deal to develop a range of new models. M&M is best known for building farm equipment and light trucks but the company is looking to build a larger presence in the auto industry and it knows that it will need a partner to help develop a new portfolio of vehicles.

M&M first signed up with Renault but the deal soon went sour, although M&M still retains the right to start the joint-venture later. Latest reports claim it is now in talks with Chrysler over a possible project with the Jeep brand. The two companies already have a connection as M&M used to distribute Chrysler Jeeps in India and its first products were based on the Willys platform. M&M is also one of the last three bidders for Jaguar and Land Rover, but it looks like rival Indian firm Tata has tied up that purchase.

During a recent interview with the Economic Times, M&M boss Anand Mahindra revealed his desires to develop more cars and confirmed that a partner would be needed. “The auto industry of the future will be collaboration-driven for the benefits of scale and synergy and that’s in the DNA of Indian companies,” he explained.