F1 stalwarts Flavio Briatore and Alain Prost have hit out at the current state of the sport.

The pair, collectively with nearly half a decade of experience of the inner workings of the formula one spotlight, separately argue that grand prix racing has become boring and too easy. "The races are too long and predictable," said Briatore, the Italian boss of the Renault team who has long advocated for radical change.

"Formula one is like the Sanremo Song Festival," he told RAI radio, comparing his arena to the beleaguered event. "It is necessary to change."

Quadruple world champion and former team owner Prost also went public with his concerns about F1's current format this week. He thinks new drivers can quickly adapt to life in the cockpit because the cars have become like PlayStations. "It's more speed, less brains, less tactics, less strategy and much less work together between a driver and the engineers - and that is not formula one I like," the Frenchman told BBC's Inside Sport.