With almost one out of every two cars sold in Europe powered by a diesel and demand steadily growing in North America, carmakers that previously would have never been associated with the oil-burners are now examining the possibility of adding the frugal powertrains to their lineups. Bentley is a carmaker rumored to be investigating the use of diesel engines but latest reports claim the ultra-luxury make has no plans for them in the near future.

Last month, Bentley market director Adrian Hallmark told AutoTelegraaf that the high-torque and low-rev nature of a diesel would be perfectly suited to the Bentley brand, however the same source is now reporting that there’s not enough demand from customers to warrant investing in the new engines. Diesel’s low market penetration in the U.S., the single biggest market for Bentley, was another reason officials have delayed the introduction.

Strict fuel-economy and emissions regulations set to roll in over the next decade may eventually force Bentley to alter its stance but for now it appears that petrol will be the only option for some time to come. If it were to adopt a diesel powertrain, Bentley’s parent company VW has an assortment of powerful oil-burners including a brand new 6.0L V12 with more than 500hp that could be used.

As for rumors that Bugatti’s quad-turbo W16 engine could make its way into a new Bentley super-limo, the response from CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen is a resounding no.