Niche German sports carmaker Wiesmann recently celebrated its 20th birthday and to mark the anniversary the Dülmen-based manufacturer will be releasing a string of special '20th Anniversary Editions' models over the course of the year. The first of these special editions was recently shown in the form of the MF4-S GT, and today, at the Geneva Motor Show, the company has unveiled a new convertible model.

Based on the mid-level MF4, the Wiesmann Roadster will pick up the same BMW-sourced 4.0L V8 engine as the GT. Peak output remains at 367hp (270kW) and drive is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic or optional seven-speed dual-clutch transmission - the same drivetrain configuration as the BMW M3. A special edition MF4-S Roadster is also expected to be launched and this version should feature a more potent 4.8L V8 developing 420hp (309kW). Pricing for the new Roadster will start at €128,900.

The current six-cylinder MF3 Roadster will remain in production as well. The new models are strictly limited for sale in Europe but with production expected to increase to 350 units annually (Wiesmann built just over 250 cars last year) there’s hope that they will soon be available in other markets.

The first right-hand-drive versions are also expected to be launched this year, though Wiesmann has set no release dates for any of the new cars yet.