Premier4509 has added the Lamborghini Gallardo to its lineup of aero kits for exotic vehicles, where it joins the previous widebody kit for the Bentley Continental GT and Murcielago aero kits. The latest release from the Japanese tuner features aerodynamic enhancements for the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and rear spoiler. Optional stainless steel exhaust tips will also be offered with the package.

The design of the kit aids the aerodynamic efficiency of the stock Gallardo and helps to better direct airflow to crucial components on the vehicle such as the engine and brakes. The pieces are hand made in Japan and are built using a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Premier4509 is a spin-off brand of VeilSide and has been creating bodykits for exotic cars more than 20 years. Not surprisingly, Premier4509 creates some of the highest quality kits in the business. For example, the rear diffuser on the Gallardo kit is larger than the raw sheets of supplied carbon fiber. To ensure there are no seam lines from the adjoining sheets, there is a technician whose sole responsibility is to line up the individual rows of carbon fiber with a needle.