With the official start last month of the Automotive X Prize – a competition with a $10 million cash prize for the first team to build and successfully market a genuine 100mpg vehicle – more and more teams are starting to release details about their new ultra-efficient vehicles. Already we’ve seen cars like the Aptera Typ-1, Team Velozzi EV and the Loremo LS, and now Motive Industries has released more details about its entrant.

The new renderings depict Motive’s new BEHEV (Battery Exchange Hybrid Electric Vehicle) Concept, a sporty and practical hatch designed to weigh less than 900kg. Its body will contain a mixture of advanced composite materials, aluminum and steel and inside there will be seating for four adults.

Power will come from an electric motor running on lithium-ion batteries charged by an internal combustion engine – similar to GM’s E-Flex powertrain in the upcoming Volt – and drive will be sent to the front wheels via a multi-speed quickshift transaxle. For extra juice, engineers will also add a regenerative braking system.

Motive envisages a day when fuel pumps will be joined by robot-aided battery exchanges that simply swap depleted batteries with freshly charged units.