Given the popularity of long-wheelbase models in Asia, particularly in China where a high proportion of premium cars owners prefer to be driven rather than tackle the traffic themselves, it was only a matter of time until we heard about an extended version of the new Hyundai Genesis sedan being developed. The new model, codenamed BHL-VI, will stretch an additional eight inches over the standard model and will initially be launched in South Korea and China.

The LWB Genesis will replace the current Equus JS 380 in its domestic market, but there are no plans to bring the car to the U.S. or other global markets. Speaking with Jalopnik, Hyundai R&D chief Dr. Hyun-Soon also said there were no plans for future derivatives of the Geneses RWD platform such as a rumored crossover and wagon variant.

The regular Genesis sedan (pictured) went on sale in South Korea in December and is scheduled to appear in the U.S. by the middle of the year. Hyundai’s new Genesis coupe, meanwhile, will go on sale in South Korea this September and is expected to reach North American shores until early next year.

Hyundai Genesis sedan