Updated with new interior images.

Last year Alfa Romeo burst onto the supercar scene with its deliciously daring 8C Competizione. Smooth, flowing original lines spoke of a redefinition of the company’s styling language, and as these leaked official images reveal the carmaker’s new entry-level hatch shares that same language. The car also continues Alfa’s new naming practice of using actual names instead of numbers and will sport the ‘Mi.To’ title when it arrives in June.

The odd name comes from Alfa Romeo’s historical ties with Milan and Fiat Group’s home in Turin (or Torino), resulting in the contracted Mi.To. Earlier this year Alfa Romeo ran a poll to pick a new name for the car and the most popular option was ‘Furiosa,’ however it appears that name didn’t stick.

The Mi.To hatch is based on the Fiat Grande Punto platform, and will be Alfa’s smallest current production car. Handling should be a level above the donor Fiat, thanks to a retuned suspension by Alfa.

Several variants and engine options are predicted for the Mi.To, from a 95hp 1.4L petrol model to a 1.4L Multiair producing 105hp paired with a six-speed transmission. A 1.4L turbocharged Multiair will produce something between 135hp and 165hp. Slotting between the two beefier petrol engines will be a diesel 1.6L unit producing 120hp. Finally the top-end model will feature a 1.8L turbocharged motor cranking out something in the neighborhood of 230hp and possibly wearing a GTA badge.