The U.S. is the single biggest market for Lamborghini so it comes as little surprise the Italian supercar brand will be setting up a separate sales company exclusively for the country – the first of its kind outside Italy. We first heard news Lamborghini would establish the new sales arm back in January and we can now confirm it will be located in Santa Monica, California.

Last year Lamborghini made 41% of its sales in North America, with California alone accounting for a third of these, which is the key reason the West Coast was picked over the East.

“While we will have to wait until the afternoons to call California from Italy, it was the best decision,” Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann explained to AutoWeek.“California is where the future trends are. It’s where our PR agency is. It’s where many of our buyers are,” he added.

The new offshoot will be called Automobili Lamborghini America LLC and it will be headed by Pietro Frigerio, the current regional sales manager for the U.S. West Coast. Executives are hopeful a local operation will reduce wait times for dealers who sometimes have to wait for several weeks at a time to receive information on items ranging from service bulletins to special requests for customers.