Last month we reported that the UK government was considering rolling out ‘average speed’ cameras across hundreds of miles of highways in an effort to actively control speeding instead of just measuring it. New reports claim the draconian measure could also be used in residential areas where speed limits often dip as low as 20mph (32km/h).

The new proposal is part of a government plan intended to cut road deaths by a third over the next decade. The plan would also see variable speed limits introduced on main roads near schools and busy centers as well as the introduction of a lower drink-driving limit and a harsher demerit points system.

Lawmakers hope to replace speed-humps in the 20mph zones with the new average speed cameras, reports The Times.

An official document outlining the measures will be introduced towards the end of the year, while the average speed cameras could start appearing in residential zones in just a few months. Studies on the benefit of the 20mph zones are being rushed by the Department for Transport in order to convince local councils to adopt the new proposals.