The all-new Chevrolet Cruze is an important model for General Motors globally, so from the start of its development there have been plans to eventually enter it into the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). The international race series competes in Europe, Africa, South America and the Asia-Pacific, and has been very successful for GM, which saw a streak of twelve wins this year.

The Cruze WTCC car was a GM global effort and represents the most international racing vehicle in GM history. Initial work was started in South Korea, and then the project was sent to Australia where the car received its aerodynamically enhanced bodykit. It was finally sent to Europe for powertrain and chassis improvements.

Testing of the completed race car has already started on schedule, and will continue throughout the remainder of the current season and the coming winter. Developed, built, run and driven by the same team and drivers currently racing the Lacetti, the new Cruze is expected to be slightly faster and more agile despite being its greater size.

The car’s first competitive outing will be in Brazil at the opening round of the 2009 WTCC in Curitiba.

GM previously showcased a WTCC concept car based on its Epica compact hatch, but despite the interest it received following its debut at the 2006 Paris Motor Show plans to race the car were disbanded.