Pictured above is a pickup version of the Volkswagen Touareg SUV that has had its rear section chopped off and replaced with an aluminium tray. The vehicle is based on an extended platform of the standard SUV and was built by Volkswagen as a concept back in 2000. Now, VW Individual has developed a Touareg based pickup truck as a special one-off to showcase a possible new path for VW.

Volkswagen Individual is the company’s in-house customizer and is mostly commissioned to create police force vehicles and extra-luxurious versions of VW’s current fleet. You may remember the Phaeton Lounge stretch limousine, which measured 22 feet in length and was the first ever 4WD limo. The team are also responsible for other exclusive metal including the previous CrossGolf, Golf R32 and W12 Touareg SUV.

Unique features of the Touareg pickup include the loading platform, roll bars and revised interior. According to AutoScoops, production hasn’t been confirmed though we doubt there would be a worthwhile market for it. Check out the link for real life images of the VW pickup.