Ferrari is planning a return to its coachbuilding heritage this year, catering to wealthy clients who desire something a little more exclusive than the 'off-the-shelf' Ferrari products. According to AutoWeek, the Italian sports car manufacturer will collaborate with at least three of its most trusted design houses: Fioravanti, Pininfarina and Zagato.

Ferrari is hoping to cash in on the clients and collectors looking for independent designs that sit on Ferrari mechanicals, the result of which will be super-exclusive one-off models that have factory approval and should cost their customers sums that stretch well into seven figures. The design and manufacturing processes are almost as extensive as that of any other Ferrari model, and thus producing them will be an expensive but worthwhile endeavor.

Choosing to design the exclusive cars with a trio of industrial design powerhouses allows the customer to choose which coachbuilder they want involved with the design and implementation of their exclusive one-off Ferrari - as long as they are based on the 612 Scaglietti, F430 and the famous Enzo. The 599 Fiorano and the new California 2+2 fall outside of the program, probably due to their relative newcomer status. There is also no reason why there can't be multiple coachbuilders working together on one car, which could prove exciting if it ever eventuates.

The first of the exclusive one-off models should be revealed in the second half of 2008 by Fioravanti, who was responsible for over 10 key Ferrari designs between 1965 and 1984. Pininfarina and Zagato also have a rich history with Ferrari, and Pininfarina even created the P4/5 car (pictured) based on an Enzo for a wealthy customer recently.