Seat has taken the wraps off its new three-door Ibiza and introduced two new diesel engines as well as an optional seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The new car, dubbed the Seat Sportcoupe, is set to go on sale in Europe in the second half of the year and is now available with either an 80hp 1.4L diesel or a 90hp 1.9L unit.

The petrol range mirrors the lineup in the five-door Ibiza and includes a compact 1.2L three-cylinder unit with 70hp, a 1.4L four-cylinder with 85hp or a 1.6L four-cylinder motor with 102hp. Although based on the five-door, the new Sportcoupe features lower positioned headlights and a slightly revised radiator grille for a sportier look.

The new three-door is equipped with VW Group’s seven-speed DSG gearbox on its 105hp 1.6L version, the first time the high-tech 'box is available in this segment, and features shorter first and second gears and a smaller gear ratio to help aid acceleration.

The new Ibiza Sportcoupe will be manufactured at Seat’s Martorell factory near Barcelona and will be available in three trim levels – Reference, Stylance and Sport. In the near future, Seat will also release a fuel-efficient EcoMotive model as well as FR and Cupra performance variants.

Seat Sportcoupe three-door Ibiza

2009 Seat Ibiza