Subaru hasn’t sold a two door Impreza since the late 1990s but according to latest reports the AWD coupe is set for a comeback with a due date in 2010. The Impreza coupe was sold in most countries as a limited edition version of the potent STI model but it was eventually phased with the introduction of the MY01 Impreza earlier this decade.

Like its predecessor, the new model is tipped to be a high-performance premium coupe designed to tackle the likes of the BMW 3-series coupe and Nissan 350Z. According to AutoExpress, the new Impreza coupe is being jointly-developed with Toyota but it's not basis of the new RWD sports car that will be sold by both carmakers. The coupe will however spawn a new version of the Toyota Celica and will be styled similar to the current Impreza sedan.

Power will come from a choice of two engines, a naturally aspirated 2.0L boxer engine or a more powerful 2.5L turbo unit. Power will range from about 180hp all the way up to 300hp for the flagship STI.

Base models will feature a RWD set-up but top-end versions will stick with Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system. The new coupe is set to go on sale in Japan and the U.S. in 2010 and eventually reach Europe by 2011.