Proof that competition exists between carmakers even at the extreme upper end of the market, Lamborghini has signed an exclusive deal with Sirius to provide its satellite radio service in the Raging Bull's cars. The first model so equipped will be the Murcielago.

Starting with the 2009 model year, all U.S. Murcielagos will be Sirius-capable, with the system installed at the factory. The real perk, compared to the average passenger car equipped with Sirius, is that the free subscription period isn't just six months or a year - it's a lifetime subscription.

The feature is expected to roll out across other Lamborghini models, though it will of course be limited to North American offerings, as the extent of the Sirius service is limited due to the orbits of its three satellites. It's unclear how the impending merger of the XM and Sirius satellite radio brands will affect the deal, especially since part of the agreement between the companies includes the production of inter-operable radio equipment, a la carte channel selection and a cap on fees.