The legendary Auto Union "Silver Arrow" Type D race car, built in 1939, will be reconstructed by Audi Tradition as a special feature for the UK's Goodwood Festival of Speed this July. Built to be 'absolutely authentic', the 420hp (313kW) 12-cylinder vintage racer will be driven by Nick Mason, Pink Floyd drummer and owner of an extensive collection of vintage and modern race cars.

The reconstructed Type D was built entirely in England by specialist workshop Crosthwaite & Gardiner, which has nearly 30 years experience rebuilding Silver Arrows. The body was handmade by Roach Manufacturing, using several vintage photos as their only template.

Mason is one of the most ideally suited people imaginable for the task of driving the car at Goodwood. He has driven in the Le Mans 24 Hours on five separate occasions, and last year drove a 1936 Auto Union Type C at last year's Goodwood festival. His own collection of race cars is valued near $50 million. Still, the magnitude of the opportunity to drive the Type D is not lost on the rock star car enthusiast.

"I must have done something right last year if Audi Tradition is now prepared to let me take to the wheel for this maiden trip. But seriously, it's a huge honour, which I sincerely appreciate," said Mason.

Audi reconstructs Auto Union "Silver Arrow" Type D for Goodwood Festival of Speed