Sir James Dyson, known for inventing the famous bagless Dyson vacuum, has turned his efforts towards creating an improved electric motor for automobiles.

Dyson has been seemingly enamored with the electric car revolution, going so far as to predict that electric cars could outnumber their petrol equivalents within 10 years.

Dyson began working on the electric motor in order to improve its capabilities and to change perceptions about electric cars, which are currently only "seen as city cars." By improving range and speed Dyson is hoping to develop public affection for the electric car.

Dyson stated that the main drawback with electric cars was that they don't "go far enough" and that he hopes to overcome the issue of limited range and low speeds with his designs.

Still standing as Executive Director of the company he founded in his own name, and while engineers are currently working at his UK headquarters to develop the electric motor, this is not Dyson's first foray into speed - in 2006 Dyson launched a hand dryer dubbed the Dyson Airblade that directs a pair of broad jets of air towards its target at speeds of over 400mph, and is almost 83% more efficient than other hand dryers on the market.