Alfa Romeo is already planning its return to the U.S., bringing its incredible 8C Competizione and stylish Mi.To along for the ride. An announcement today by Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne reveals that parent brand Fiat is also considering a return to U.S. sales, and the 500 minicar that has taken the world by storm could be its first offering.

Build sites for new assembly plants are being scouted by Fiat and Alfa, though the possibility of a joint operation with another automaker for outsourced assembly through 2010 is also on the table, reports the Detroit Free Press. Plans are to start small, with roughly 100 8C Competizione supercars due for 2009. Later additions to the lineup will include the Mi.To, the new Alfa Spider and then the rest of its sedan and wagon range.

Fiat's plan to bring the 500 would likely do well in the increasingly fuel economy and carbon-emissions aware U.S. market. The Mi.To's presence in the U.S. is already part of Alfa's plan to double global sales to over 300,000 by 2010.