Update: News of KTM's upcoming model expansion first broke in detail in February, but new reports put even more flesh on the skeleton plan. In addition to a brawnier 300hp (224kW) X-Bow roadster, the new cars in KTM's stable will include an SUV and a pair of city runabouts.

Working in conjunction with India's Bajaj Auto, KTM will be building the new urban cars primarily for low-cost and efficient transport in developing markets. Drawing on its motorcycle-building expertise, the company will offer a four-seater, a tricycle and a scooter. A range of petrol, diesel and even electric powerplants will propel the various small cars, reports CAR, though it's still too soon for specifics about power and range.

The SUV being developed in many ways more closely resembles a four-wheeled ATV than a conventional car, but that isn't surprising given KTM's lack of concern for convention. With both closed-top and open-top variants, the KTM SUV might be best described as a sort of multi-purpose dune-buggy. Offering small size, ultimate off-road capability and motorcycle-like fuel efficiency, the New Haflinger, as it is being called, will warrant close attention as it matures toward production.

Original: KTM is prepping the final production version of its new X-Bow roadster for next month’s Geneva Motor Show but the release of the new track special is only the first of a five-model rush from the Austrian motorbike specialist. Current Chairman Stefan Pierer has bold plans for the brand, including transforming it into a specialty performance marque capable of rivaling the likes of Lotus.

The first step is to establish the KTM brand and find its own niche just as Lotus did more than 20 years ago. That niche is the bare-bones track segment, a market Lotus has moved away from in recent years, Pierer explained to CAR. However, with more than 2,000 orders for the X-Bow and production expected to tip 1,000 units per year KTM has already risen to become a serious carmaker.

To expand the lineup as quickly as possible KTM will base its other models on the same engine and chassis design as the X-Bow. This will ensure other models remain profitable and it will also allow designers to streamline production. After the launch of the road-legal X-Bow, KTM plans to add a racing version for the FIA GT championship (to compete in the GT4 Light class). This will be followed next year by a more refined X-Bow with a roof and doors plus a more powerful 330hp V6 engine borrowed from the Audi S3.

For its other models, KTM will return to its offroading roots. Despite its track-focused appearance, the X-Bow has been designed to be a full capable offroad machine as well. Pierer describes the new model as sharing the same carbon-fibre monocoque and one day hopes to see it compete in the Dakar rally. After that, Pierer has Le Mans in his sight, hoping to eventually build a high-performance race car to take on the major brands.