Billed as the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) version of the world famous pickup truck, the HEVT (Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc.) F-150 makes significant improvements in fuel mileage while maintaining the utility of its Ford chassis. The truck is intended as an exhibition of the possibilities for retrofitting pickups, SUVs and vans with the fuel-saving technology.

The claimed improvement in efficiency is substantial, pushing the truck from 16mpg (14.7L/100km) in daily driving to 41mpg (5.7L/100km). By offering the conversions the company hopes to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used and reduce greenhouse gas and particulate emissions.

"Trucks, SUVs and vans are the least-efficient vehicles on the road, so retrofitting them should be a high priority if we want to make a meaningful, near-term difference in oil consumption. Rapid commercialization of prototypes like HEVT's is the way to go," said Dr. Andrew S. Grove, former chairman of Intel Corporation, who presented the vehicle to the press.

At the core of the HEVT system lies the Adaptive Control Unit (ACU) which serves to control the hybrid drive train. While driving, the ACU controls use of the electric motor and gasoline engine, while an in-dash display unit tells the driver how much charge is remaining and how much energy is being recaptured through regenerative braking.

Specifics on the composition of the drivetrain, such as power and range, have not been announced.