Increased demand for smaller and more fuel-efficient models in the U.S. is causing carmakers to reconsider importing vehicles usually reserved for markets where consumers are faced with much steeper fuel prices than their American counterparts. Ford has confirmed plans to bring six new models from its European division and Mercedes-Benz is also looking at importing its next-generation of A and B-Class models to North America for the first time.

Honda’s U.S. vice president for corporate planning, Dan Bonawitz, has now revealed that the Japanese carmaker is considering bringing over more models from its Japanese lineup. Buoyed by the success of the Fit and Civic small cars – Honda is increasing production of these vehicles just to keep up demand – Honda is now looking at bringing the Stream wagon (pictured) and a sleeker and more compact version of the Odyssey minivan.

“There are a couple of things that we are looking at again, whether they make sense right now,'' Bonawitz revealed to reporters from Bloomberg. Honda is waiting to see if the market shift towards smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles becomes a lasting trend. The company has already prepared a long-term strategy for its future products and hopes to stick to its original plans, Bonawitz explained.