Not widely recognized as a performance parts leader, but rapidly becoming one, TRD (Toyota Racing Development) has revealed a supercharger system for its Tundra and Sequoia pickup and SUV. Featuring the same basic Eaton four-lobe system found in the Cadillac CTS-V and Corvette ZR-1, the new supercharger boosts the company's 5.7L V8 to 504hp (376kW) and 550lb-ft of torque (742Nm) maximum output.

The supercharger, which Toyota calls the TRD 5.7L 3UR Supercharger System, is a Roots-type unit that can deliver up to 8.5psi while remaining legal for the street and any state's emissions tests. Toyota also offers a warranty on the system if its installed by a Toyota dealer, either adding a full year of unlimited-mileage coverage for the unit or including it in the remainder of any existing new-car warranty, whichever is longer.

TRD already makes a wide range of superchargers for its other cars and trucks, including the Tacoma and FJ Cruiser, which share a 4.0L V6 engine, and the Scion tC and xB, which share a 2.4L four-cylinder, reports InsideLine. Output for the V6 is increased to 304hp (226kW) while the four-banger is boosted to 200hp (149kW).

GM Performance Parts, Ford Racing and Mopar still sit in front of TRD in the U.S. based on sales volume of performance parts. However, the company has only really been pushing its offerings for a little more than three years now, since TRD came under control of the company's U.S. operations.