Switzerland's political system, like that of California and several other states and nations, allows for individuals to propose legislation upon the gathering of enough signatures to support the bill. One such proposition by the youth section of the Swiss Green Party would ban all vehicles weighing over 2.2 metric tons (4,820lbs) or emitting more than 250g/km of CO2, among other restrictions. The law would effectively eliminate the vast majority of the SUV and sports car market overnight.

Other elements of the bill that would make it among the toughest in the world if enacted include a speed limit of 100km/h (62mph) on cars 'grandfathered' in by being registered before the law goes into effect, a complete ban on diesel-powered cars without particulate filters and cars with front fascias deemed dangerous to pedestrians, reports the Swiss site Asphalte.

Examples of the cars that would be affected by the proposed law include the complete ban from sale of all but the Boxster and Cayman 2.7 (pictured) from Porsche's lineup, all of the high-performance arms of the German carmakers, as well as most Italian cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini and the majority of American muscle cars and SUVs. Essentially the only cars that would be allowed for sale would be highly efficient six-cylinders and four-cylinder cars, with very few high-performance or opulent and large vehicles remaining.