The 2010 Mercedes Benz S-Class has officially been launched. Click here for all the details and images.

The current generation Mercedes Benz S-Class and its associated AMG performance models have been on the market since the middle of the decade and are due to receive a minor update later this year to keep them fresh for their rivalry with the recently revealed BMW 7-series and next-generation Audi A8 arriving in 2010. Recent prototypes seen testing in Germany and the U.S. reveal that the only major exterior updates for the car are a set of new bumpers, new side mirrors, and revised headlights.

Scans of a brochure for the new car have surfaced on the Internet, revealing every detail and technological update, albeit in German. New LED headlights, shown clearly in the scans, will be among the updates. The thin strip of LEDs serves to give the front end of the car a more modern look without spoiling the car's reserved lines with a garish grille or extra-large intakes.

Some of the other new features were previewed recently at an event in Leipzig, including driver assistance systems, advanced radar and camera based sensing technology, intelligent situational awareness software, and electronic crumple zones.

As for the new car’s powertrain lineup, most engine options will likely remain the same, but there will be a few new models, including the S400 Bluehybrid.