Vaughn Gittin Jr. is among the exclusive set of Ford GT owners, and the professional drifter and founder of RTR Vehicles was more than happy to show off the car.

The video shows the moment Gittin Jr. picks up the Lead Foot Gray example, and naturally he uses launch control straight out of the dealership. Yes, this is one owner who will drive the GT like it should be driven: fast.

After showing the car to his friends and family, he then heads to the track to really get a feel for the performance. But rather than enjoy the car all by himself, Gittin Jr., whose day job involves drifting a 900-horsepower Ford Mustang, gave fans attending the track meet the chance to go for a ride.

Now we're waiting for the video where Gittin Jr. makes the GT go sideways. The 647-hp supercar in some drift action would be epic.

While the first two-year run of 500 GTs were sold out years ago, Ford recently started accepting applications for the car's final years of production which run through 2022. The automaker in October said 250 orders have been accepted in the second round of applications and 600 slots are still available, bringing the final planned run of this generation of GT to 1,350 cars.

The latest 2019 model is now in production. The starting price has been increased from $450,000 to just under $500,000, and available is a new Carbon Series model. It's just like the GT's previous Competition Series but adds back some niceties such as a radio and air conditioning.