• 2011 BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

    With the exception of the crazy concepts found at the Tokyo Motor Show, Geneva is often where you find some of the most original ideas and designs on the yearly auto show calendar. BMW are continuing this tradition with their Vision ConnectedDrive concept car, which is due to be shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March. The ConnectedDrive is BMW's interpretation of a car fully integrated into the networked modern world. Featuring an asymmetric roadster bodystyle that still has hints of ex-BMW design boss Chris Bangle's influence in the creased bodypanels. The body is...

  • BMW 315/1 Sports Roadster
    BMW celebrates 75 years of roadster production

    Roadsters. Open air, summer sun and a visceral connection to the road. For many, the quintessential enthusiast's driving experience. But for many, many more, they are the attractive and sporting little convertibles that flit back and forth to work, shops and play with equal ease. Today BMW is...

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