Winter tires

  • BMW Winter Tires

    Drag race, slalom, and braking tests show how much better winter tires perform in snowy conditions, and their limitations in the summer.

  • Summer tires vs winter tires in cold and dry temperatures
    Do winter tires help when it's dry and cold?

    For those who reside in snowy and icy climates, winter tires are often the go-to patches of rubber to ensure optimal performance. However, the U.S. has plenty of areas that dip below freezing but don't necessarily see precipitation. Even areas that get snow don't have it all the time. And yet...

  • Chris Harris demonstrates oversteer in a Porsche 911 on ice
    Chris Harris On Ice, Driving A Porsche 911: Video

    Ask most people what the ideal car-themed vacation would be, and chances are good they won’t reply with “hustling a rear-drive, 250-horsepower, vintage Porsche 911 around a frozen lake, in Sweden, in the middle of winter.” The Porsche 911 isn’t the first car that comes to...

  • 2011 BMW X3 in the snow
    Video: BMW Shows Importance Of Using Correct Tires This Winter

    With the winter months now upon us it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped to handle the harsher climates. If you happen to live in areas where winter usually means driving in thick snow, not having winter tires may mean the difference between life...

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