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    In the good old days all you needed for a road trip was a car, some buddies, and a sense of adventure. Even a map was optional. These days you can have it so much easier with the latest downloadable apps at your fingertips telling you everything from where to sleep to providing your tunes. Here is AllCarTech's run-down of the apps you need for your next epic road trip. Pandora Who needs a huge collection of CDs taking up valuable space in your car when all you need is a smartphone equipped with Pandora, offering free personalized internet radio? Just type in one of your favourite artists and...

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    Up To 10 Million Trapster Accounts Hacked, Are You One?

    The mobile app Trapster, which lets users mark and share the locations of speed traps to avoid tickets, announced today that its 10 million user accounts may have been exposed by an attack by hackers. Trapster isn't sure if the accounts were compromised, but is advising users change their passwords...

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