Tiger Woods

  • Tiger Woods

    Once upon a time, hiring a celebrity to endorse a product was considered a magic bullet: run an ad with Cary Grant driving your sports car or Jack Benny buying your gasoline, and you could pack your bags for Easy Street. But does that still hold true? A new study from Ace Metrix shows that companies still pay through the nose for celebs, but they aren't getting much bang for their buck. Ace looked at more than 2,600 ads that ran in 2010, and they found that the high cost of celeb spokespeople rarely pays off: [C]ontrary to popular wisdom—celebrity ads do not perform any better than...

  • Elin Nordegren [via TheSuperficial]
    Elin Nordegren Likes Old Things

    Being a thin, blond, Swedish model isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, it'll get you noticed. Sure, it'll get you jobs, dates, and a big hunk of wedding ring from the world's most famous golfer. But once you cross over to the dark side of 30, things change, man. You may still look good in a...

  • Tiger Woods
    General Motors Tanks Tiger

    Hey, you. Yes, you: the guy who's been in a coma and living under a hubcap since November? You might be surprised to know that General Motors has ended its (purely platonic) relationship with Tiger Woods -- the one whereby Woods received free GM vehicles on loan. It appears the romance officially...

  • Gear Shift
    2009: The Year In Reverse

    We're just a couple of days away from rear-ending 2010, so like all major media outlets, we thought we'd take a break from real reporting (don't worry: nothing's happening) and look back at some of 2009's notable moments. It was an...interesting year for the auto industry to say the least, and...

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