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    When it comes to slowing down drivers, conventional wisdom requires police to issue citations, which ultimately lead to points against a drivers license and points against your automobile insurance. Rack up enough license points, and you lose your ability to legally operate a motor vehicle. Accumulate enough insurance points, and your car insurance becomes prohibitively expensive or gets cancelled. That’s all the incentive most of us need to drive within a reasonable approximation of the posted speed limit. Some, however, drive with utter disregard for speed limits, despite the risk of...

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    Could Patrols Use Nav Traffic Data For Speed-Trap Placement?

    The navigation-system provider TomTom, which uses crowd-sourced traffic data to help find the fastest routes, has been caught in the Netherlands selling users' speed data to police—who then might use that to decide where to set up speed traps. Live traffic information is arguably one of the...

  • Traffic enforcement camera
    Washington Business Owner Challenges Speeding Tickets, Wins

    It's an awful feeling: That moment you open a letter to find an image of your car inside and a citation for speeding. Many would grit their teeth and pay up - do the crime, pay the time, as they say. Not for Will Foreman. The Washington businessman has beaten the charges on five occasions so far...

  • Cobra iRadar for Android
    More Things Lawmakers Will Hate: Cobra iRadar for Android Debuts April 4

    Last week, four U.S. Senators expressed outrage over smartphone apps designed to reveal the location of DUI checkpoints. As they said in letters to Apple, Google, and Blackberry, "Giving drunk drivers a free tool to evade checkpoints, putting innocent families and children at risk, is a matter of...

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    Look Out! New Speed Camera Can Also Spot Tailgaters And Seatbelt Offenders

    There’s still much debate as to what the primary cause of accidents are. With the proliferation of speed cameras located all across the country you’d think that speeding certainly was but there are other dangerous driving acts that are just as bad, if not worse. Governments are finally...

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