Silverstone Classic

  • Bullitt’ chase recreated in Silverstone

    The epic chase involving a Ford Mustang GT and a Dodge Charger R/T through the streets of San Francisco in the classic 1968 film Bullitt is still hailed as one of the most dramatic, exciting and influential in movie history. Now—as a special homage to the Oscar-winning movie, as well as a celebration of the Mustang’s 50th anniversary this year—some fans have got together and recreated the scene. Only, instead of San Francisco the new chase takes place in Silverstone in the U.K. (read on to find out why). ALSO SEE: Honda S2000 Successor To Be A Mid-Engine, Hybrid Coupe? The...

  • Record gathering of 1,208 Porsche 911s at Silverstone, July 2013
    Record Gathering Of Porsche 911s Hit Silverstone: Video

    Last Sunday saw a total of 1,208 Porsche 911s of all varieties descend upon the Silverstone race track in England and in the process set a new Guinness World Record. The gathering was part of Porsche’s 50th anniversary celebration for the 911 this year. Porsche was hoping to amass just 911...

  • Classic Aston Martins at the Silverstone circuit
    A Hundred Classic Astons To Descend Upon Silverstone This Summer

    As part of its ongoing centenary celebrations this year, Aston Martin will be organizing a gathering at the Silverstone Classic where a hundred Aston Martin models from the past century will be taking to the famous British race track. Aston Martin is serving as the featured marque for the event...

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