Satellite TV

  • Le Mans Live On-Board with Audi

    As we speak the Le Mans 24 Hour sports car race at Le Mans in France has been underway for just under an hour. If you're not lucky enough to be enjoying a beer by the side of the circuit or at least don't have access to a television feed for the race, fear not. Front-running team Audi has their own free TV feed giving sports car fans a live view on-board each of the three Audi sports prototypes. You can check out the race coverage and live commentary from Radio Le Mans on the link below: Audi Live Racing Only one Audi left and six hours of racing to go... catch it while you can! [Audi]

  • AT&T CruiseCastSM
    AT&T prepares to launch 22-channel CruiseCast satellite TV service for cars

    Just in case you didn't have enough gadgets in your car to keep you distracted on the drive to work, communications giant AT&T recently began testing of its new CruiseCast system - something that AT&T calls a "total in-car entertainment service", but is essentially a satellite TV feed direct to...

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