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  • Petter and Oliver Solberg

    Rally world champion Petter Solberg and his son are aiming for more as one career ends and another begins.

  • Walter Röhrl driving Porsche 718 Cayman rally car concept
    Watch Walter Röhrl test the Porsche 718 Cayman rally concept on ice

    Porsche plans to return to rally racing for the 2020 season with a new 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport-based race car and we're excited about what we've seen so far. At the GP Ice Race in Austria, Porsche let legendary racer Walter Röhrl climb behind the wheel to show off the 718 Cayman rally concept...

  • Porsche 718 Cayman rally car concept, Austria
    Porsche plots its return to rally racing with 718 Cayman

    After decades of missing out on the action, Porsche will once again return to rally racing. The company announced last Friday that it will develop a purpose-built factory rally race car along the lines of the Cayman GT4 Rally concept car shown last August. The factory race car, meant to do battle...

  • 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 heads to auction
    Original Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 heads to auction

    Porsche fanatics will likely have the Silverstone Auctions’ Autosport International Sale on their radar this month as it will host the sale of an original 1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7. The car is one of the first 500 models produced for homologation and it comes with a decorated motorsports...

  • This is what the center differential does for a WRC race car
    Here's how a World Rally Car's center differential works

    One of the great bits of tech that remains from the glorious era that was Group B rally racing is the center differential. With it, race beasts from the likes of Audi, Peugeot, Ford, and Lancia all battled for all-wheel-drive supremacy on the greatest rally stages the world over. The need for...

  • Team O'Neil talks about racing drive shafts versus street car drive shafts
    What's the difference between street and rally car driveshafts and CV joints?

    Driveshafts, or propshafts, and constant velocity (CV) joints are crucial to the proper and safe operation of a vehicle. They are necessary to move a car forward and make it turn. But what sort of equipment is needed for a race car? In this video, Wyatt Knox and Tim O'Neil himself from Team O'Neil...

  • Ken Block teases new Ford Escort RS rally car

    After the tragic loss of Ken Block's original Ford Escort RS Group A rally racer, the rally all-star has teased its successor: another Escort RS. Block took to Facebook on Wednesday to tease the upcoming Escort RS build and announced preparations for a world tour in 2019. He plans to take his latest car across the globe to compete in his favorite rally stages and potentially a few Gymkhana demos, too. The original Escort RS was a total loss after Block rolled the car in a crash. Thankfully, Block and his co-driver escaped the crash before the car burst into flames. Only the original shape of...

  • Joel Feder and David Higgins in Subaru WRX race car
    Riding in a rally race car is insane, dangerous, and not for the faint of heart

    A hand touches my shoulder from behind as I hear, “Are you ready?” I turn to see legendary rally driver John Buffum standing with two race helmets, sizes large and medium. Before I can open my mouth to answer, the calm, crisp 27-degree Wisconsin winter air is violently filled with the...

  • A Porsche rally team swaps an engine and transmission in under 12 minutes
    Porsche rally team installs an engine and transmission in 11 minutes

    Any rally race is brutal on a vehicle. Constantly changing terrain, high speeds, and steely eyed competitors conspire to wreak havoc on a vehicle. The East African Safari Classic Rally is one such bit of motorsport, but it ups the challenge by restricting the field of entry to classic racing...

  • Team O'Neil Rally School gives a lesson in rally wheels
    What kind of wheels should you use on a rally car?

    The wheels that come with your car from the factory are strong and properly built for pretty much everything you're going to do with your car. They're most likely aluminum, which means they're also lightweight. If you have a new car, you probably have good wheels. If you want to go rally racing...

  • Wyatt Knox walks us through building a car for rally racing
    Here's how you build a rally car

    So you want to go rally racing? Well you're going to need a car, and it's going to need to be strong. The folks at Team O'Neil Rally School know all about rally-car prep, and instructor (and amazing driver) Wyatt Knox is here to share his knowledge with regards to building up a car for rallying in...

  • Group B rally car collection heading to Bonhams
    Buy yourself an entire Group-B rally car collection

    Bonhams really knows how to take our breath away. The auction house will sell off this gorgeous collection of Group-B rally cars at its August 18 auction at Quail Run during Monterey Car Week. The cars have been in a private collection since 1989, but the current owner is ready to see them off...

  • Audi Quattro (A2) Group B rally car

    Want to own a genuine Audi rally car? All you need is $385,000.

  • David Higgins and Craig Drew prepare for a drive in the country
    Ride Along With Subaru Rally Team's David Higgins: Video

    Drive enough cars on enough racetracks and you become somewhat immune to speed-induced terror. Most of us here are completely comfortable hustling the latest models around circuits near and far, so it’s no longer a thrill to strap into the passenger seat and have a pro driver show us what a...

  • Fiat 500 Abarth rally car
    Fiat Abarth To Enter WRC In 2013?

    With both MINI and Volkswagen already confirming their intentions to enter the competitive world of the World Rally Championship (WRC), an international race series once dominated by the likes of Subaru and Mitsubishi and still by Citroen, Fiat, more specifically Fiat’s Abarth performance and...

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