Drive enough cars on enough racetracks and you become somewhat immune to speed-induced terror. Most of us here are completely comfortable hustling the latest models around circuits near and far, so it’s no longer a thrill to strap into the passenger seat and have a pro driver show us what a really fast lap looks like.

That said, we’ll go on record as saying we would have voided our bladders in the first two minutes of David Higgins’ stage winning-run at last weekend’s Rally America Susquehannock Trail Rally in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.

By three minutes in, we would have been curled into the fetal position (as much as the harness allowed, anyway), offering anything for Higgins to pull over and let us off in the middle of the woods.

It’s not that we don’t trust the current Rally America series champ and Subaru Rally Team USA driver, it’s just that triple-digit speeds on loose dirt with large trees on either side of the (very narrow) road aren’t our idea of a good time.

We’d have been concentrating more on our own mortality than on things like breathing, or remaining conscious, which is why we’ve never seriously considered donning a Nomex suit and heading into the woods in a fast car. Watching Higgins’ hands on the wheel tells us that the entire stage run was pretty much on the edge of control.

We’ve seen plenty of rally videos in the past, but none that work quite as well as this in conveying a sense of speed and driver concentration. Our hats are off to Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew for this stage win, but just don’t call us for a ride-along.