• 2017 Infiniti QX70 Limited

    Although it’s BMW that’s generally accepted for instigating the coupe-like SUV segment with the first-generation X6, some credit should be given to Infiniti whose slinky FX was introduced several years prior to the BMW. The FX is currently in its second generation and known today as the QX70. The second-generation model has been on sale since 2008, but 2017 will be the FX/QX's last year on the market as Infiniti has decided to drop the vehicle. Infiniti has confirmed to Automotive News (subscription required) that there won’t be a 2018 QX70. Instead, the automaker will focus...

  • 2017 Infiniti QX70 Limited
    2017 Infiniti QX70 Limited set for 2016 New York Auto Show

    While the BMW X6 is heralded as being the first vehicle to combine the raised ride height of an SUV with the sloping roof and sporty proportions of a coupe, Infiniti was already offering such a vehicle five years before its German rival. The vehicle we’re talking about is the FX, which today...

  • 2015 Infiniti QX70
    2015 Infiniti QX50 Priced From $35,995, 2015 QX70 From $46,845

    Infiniti has revised pricing for its QX50 and QX70 models—the former EX and FX, respectively—both of which receive some minor updates for the 2015 model year. Pricing for the 2015 QX50 starts at $35,995, and for the 2015 QX70 you’ll need to fork over at least $46,845. Both prices...

  • 2014 Infiniti QX70
    First Details On The Next Infiniti QX70 (FX)

    Infiniti’s FX has just been renamed the QX70 as part of the automaker’s new Q-based naming strategy, but we have some new details on the next-generation of the sporty crossover due in late 2015 or early the following year. The next QX70 will be the crossover’s third iteration and...

  • 2014 Infiniti QX60
    Infiniti Prices Its 2014 QX60 And QX70

    Infiniti made the surprise announcement last December that starting from the 2014 model year all of its cars would be renamed under a new naming strategy based around the letter Q. The first of these new ‘Q cars,’ the 2014 Q50, goes on sale on August 5 priced from $37,605. It will then...

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