Quattro Concept

  • Audi Quattro concept - 2010 Paris Auto Show

    Audi’s short-wheelbase Sport Quattro, based on the first generation Audi Quattro, has become the stuff of legend. Originally developed for Group B rallying, the Sport Quattro also saw limited production in road-going trim. Equipped with a 2.1-liter five cylinder turbocharged engine, production Sport Quattros produced some 302 horsepower. To save weight, the bodies were made of a carbon-kevlar blend, which guaranteed impressive performance and an equally impressive price; new, the cars sold for 203,850 German marks, or about $71,500. If German magazine Auto Bild is correct, a revival of...

  • Audi Quattro concept - 2010 Paris Auto Show
    Report: Audi Quattro Concept Could See Production

    When it debuted at last year's Paris Auto Show, the Audi Quattro Concept stood out among a crowd of great cars, but unfortunately it was then billed as little more than an homage to the past and a concept for future design. But now it looks like it may just see limited production. The green light...

  • Audi Quattro concept - 2010 Paris Auto Show
    Audi A2 On Hold, Production Quattro Still Under Consideration

    It’s no secret that Audi has ambitious goals to become the world’s leading luxury auto brand within the decade and is planning to boost its lineup to 42 different models by 2015. Not surprisingly we’ve seen several brand new model additions in the recent past, with cars like the...

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